Madcatz TE2 EZ MOD


This EZ MOD will allow Mad Catz TE2 owners to upgrade their fight stick to universal status, which means that you will be able to play on PS3/PS4/Xbox 360/Xbox One/Wii U/Switch and PC. Don't settle for the slow, finicky, failure prone Madcatz PCB. 

You will need to do is remove your existing PCB and using all the cables provided, just plug an play into the EZ MOD. This will require cutting the USB Cable from the stock board and connecting it to the screw terminals on the board.
This mod can be done in under 30 minutes if you are handy with a screw driver. It's very easy!
Includes: EZ MOD Board and Interconnect Cables

Recommendation: Buy the EZ MOD Ready Brook UFB bundled with this. It will make installation EASIER and 90% of UFB desolder jobs end up killing the UFB. If you damage your UFB trying to remove the vertical 20 pin header to install a right angle header, we are not culpable. Modding is always risky and only you assume the risk associated with it. 
Installation Notes:
  • YES! You need a Brook UFB (or PS4 PCB) for this to work. The EZ MOD Does not act as a console PCB in any way, shape or form.
  • This is for the TE2 fighstick only. It works on both the PS3, PS4, and XBOX 360, XBOX One variants. 
  • If you have the stock LED board, you have to tweak the install cable because it requires power to tell the LEDs to turn on and power to the LEDs.  I don't recall which two it is, but if you bridge them it powers the LEDs and flips the "switch" to turn them on.
  • You have two sets of jumpers you have to set. These will make the two push buttons on the top whatever extra aux inputs you want. One should probably be set to TP CLICK.

Installation Video